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Lemmie draw on you.

Henna! I told you I did it, sucka.

*I will be in Chicago mid-June and Boise, ID & Denver, CO late June-early July


Om on Tori's wrist.

"Good and Evil" in Sanskrit with an Om. My hand.
"I am Vishnu. I am the sun, the wind, and the moon."  Sanskrit with a sun, om, and peacock. On Kara.
Om, with flowers. On Tori.
Flowers and vines, with an om. On Kara.
Flowers and vines. On Starleen.

Flowers and vines. On Will.

Drawing on Kara.

Veve. Voodoo religious symbol. On Will.

"Body and Spirit" On Chelsea D.

A few examples of the stain: 


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