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wot wot wot

OOOOOOooooooh journal.

Sometimes I wanna write so much stuff in here, it would blow up the computer screen. Yet, when I sit down to make any sort of an update, it's almost like i'm trying to top the last one. So I sit down with my hands hovering over the keyboard and nothing comes out.

I do have a pretty interesting life though, despite me not being about to write about it. Hah.

I've been shopping online for bento boxes all day. Where I work they're funny about the company fridge so you gotta kinda come prepared. I like the fact that most bento boxes are used for portion control. And they're so damn cute.

I wanna do something today. I'm so couped up. Spring is taking waaaaaayyy too long. I wanna be able to take my wiener out for a morning walk everyday. That, to me, is the best way to wake up: together. :)

Life is good, just generally sad lately.

Oh well.
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