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I get to go to the Novi Comic Con today! Wootenany! Last year (I think it was) they had names like David Mack from Kabuki and shit, so i'm PUMPED.

I hope you all have been enjoying my daily wisdoms. Nobody gave me insight on Hindu religion and culture, which I find facinating with their modern day deities and such, so i'm just trying to pass along some common Hindu knowledge. Something I think is funny and ironic is how people react to my drawings of Kali-Ma (that I made at home and are going to post later in the week when I finish painting). Automatically people look at movies like Sinbad (or whatever the fuck it was called) and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Now, i'm just as much as an Indiana Jones fan as the next person, so i'm not dogging on it at all. That movie kicked so much ass. And I think you're kinda rediculous if you take the religious violence in that movie to heart. Yep, I said it. Most people would never even know that Kali, the one Mola-Ram almost ripped Indy's still-beating heart out for, is really revered as a dear mother. Oh well, I guess i'm here to clear up little misconceptions like that.  And you ask why Hindu all of a sudden? (And you better read this, cause repeating it gets old) I just think it's time I give my body and mind a break for a while and hollistically heal it.  I've always been a fan of polytheistic religions, and if Ra and Bastet were still taking up collections, i'de probably be there. I don't want to call myself a Hindu or label anything, because A) Hindu defines the person's background in most cases anyway. Hindu techinically isn't the word to describe the religion itsself, but the people--just like Henna is the paste and Mehndi is the art of putting Henna on. and B) I'm still learning and exploring myself.  So yeah, I might make mistakes here and there (who doesn't), but my ultmate quest is to find my center with clarity and balance myself there.

Anyway, I have to jump in the shower. My cousin Shawn's gunna be here and I have some nerdin' to do down in Novi today.
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